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Topics Covered At The Free Workshops

Background Information

1.  Introduction of my education and work background

Son's Story

2.  Describe my son's situation and what happened after being diagnosed with ASD when he was two years old. Discuss the services that were offered and what services I found on my own.

What is ABA?

3.  A description of the Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) teaching method will be provided along with a demonstration. I will share with you what well-known respected organizations have said about ABA. 

The Plan

4.  My formula to achieving success: 

1. Gain compliance
2. Decrease behavior issues (tantrums and other aggressive behaviors) 3. Decrease stimming behaviors
4. Decrease insistent behaviors associated with ASD
5. Fill up free time with constructive activities to prevent the children from doing their self-stimulatory behaviors.
6. Teach parents/support system how to deal with behavior issues, how to communicate with the child, generalize skills taught in therapy, and create a schedule filled with routines.

7.  Parent Training From The ABA Therapist

The Curriculum

5. The curriculum was a combination of what I learned from my professors. Curriculums are similar to assessments. Many are available now as compared to before. The import point is not the curriculum, but teaching the child to learn whatever you teach him without any compliance issues or behaviors issues.

My Classroom

6. The set up – video of where I taught my son and the reinforcers that were used.

The Results

7. The results from my son's journey.


8. Questions from the audience about Magellan’s process

Teach ABA 

9. Teach the ABC (Antecedent, Behavior, and Consequence) of ABA. Demonstrate examples then show video to test the audience.

Teach Programs

10. Teach parents how to teach their children to look at them more often (the eye contact program) and teach parents how to teach their child to follow directions more consistently (the 1-Step Directions program). Parents will also be taught how to increase the amount of speech from their child (the Manding program).


11. Questions from the audience 

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