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Autism Education

I "cured" my son of Autism. Here's how I did it.

Therapy Sessions

Mission Statement


I have worked with children with Autism for over 17 years. My son was diagnosed in Taiwan with Autism (ASD) when he was two years old. After I provided Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy for him, he was indistinguishable from his peers. In other words, people could not tell he had ASD. He currently attends a typical elementary school in Taipei, Taiwan and is in a typical class. He can speak both English and Chinese. He also has friends that he plays with regularly.

The Goals of this website:

1. Help parents who think their child might have Autism. Information will be provided that will help you determine if your child needs to be evaluated by a doctor. A quick 5 minute self-questionnaire can be downloaded for free. Delaying the decision to see a doctor even by a few months can dramatically affect your child’s future.

2. Provide guidance for parents whose children were recently diagnosed with Autism. I’ve gone through this process with many other parents and as a parent myself.  Since I am based in Taiwan, some specific information about Taiwan will be provided.

3. Share with parents the teaching method (Applied Behavior Analysis) I used to teach my son. Step-by-step procedures with videos will be provided for some of the common issues that parents of children with ASD have to face. After you watch the videos, you can immediately try the techniques with your own child.


About me

After 10 years of working as an ABA therapist, my own son was diagnosed with Autism. Using all the ABA knowledge I learned at UCLA from Ivar Lovaas, the person who created ABA therapy, and what I learned from  R. Douglas Greer at Columbia University, I started using ABA therapy with my son.   More


My Experience In Taiwan After Receiving The Diagnosis

When my son was not producing a lot of speech after he turned two years old (he was only able to say four sounds which all did not have any meaning), I brought him to one of Taiwan’s best children’s hospital’s to do an assessment with one of the most well-known doctors in the hospital. After the doctor informed me my son had the Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), he offered me 2 hours of speech therapy per month and two hours of occupational therapy per month. I had my son go to another hospital to do a second assessment, and they also gave him a diagnosis of ASD, and offered him the same amount of speech therapy. After speaking with other parents at the hospitals, I learned the two hours of speech and occupational therapy per month was also what they were offered.

The doctor at one hospital said he knew what Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy was, but did not offer any information on where to find it in Taiwan. The staff at the second hospital did not mention ABA but said if we decide to do ABA, they will not offer us speech therapy at their hospital because they felt the two therapies would conflict with each other.

After doing research to find private ABA therapy for my son, I found two schools in Taipei. One had a long waiting list and the other school was only able to offer me 15 hours of therapy per week. That school did not offer any financial assistance and the government insurance did not cover ABA therapy for its citizens, so I was unable to afford it. (That school has closed down). This was very different than what I was used to compared to my experience working in America. In New York, most children with ASD at that time usually received a minimum of 10 hours of ABA therapy, 3 hours of speech therapy, and about 3 hours of Occupational therapy per week.

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